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Your truck has lived a long and hard life. Don’t go too long without having a team of professional and highly experienced experts inspect, refurbish, repair or restore your truck as needed.

Let experts at Truck Restoration by Yoder extend the life of your truck with professional truck repair and restoration services. From initial consulting to a final detail, Truck Restoration by Yoder is the trusted and go to truck restoration facility serving all truck owners and enthusiasts in Ohio and surrounding areas.

Our specialization includes but not limited to:

  • Truck Body Work
  • Collision repair
  • Insurance Work
  • Restoration
  • Body and Paint
  • Worn Parts Replacement

At Truck Restoration by Yoder, we do complete truck restoration and repair services. We have the experience, skills and equipment that can bring your vehicle back to life.

Whether you need truck body work, collision repair, painting and other restoration services, our expert team has all your needs covered! We have a top notch and fully equipped repair facility in Ohio that can help you get your truck back on the road fast! We have technicians that are knowledgeable and equipped to provide only reliable and excellent restoration and repair services.

From leaking dispensers, cracked hoses, faded and heavily oxidized paint to damaged tanks, our experts can help you restore and refurbish your vehicle to full working condition.

Contact Truck Restoration by Yoder Today!

Let Truck Restoration by Yoder turns your vehicle into a safe, functional and reliable truck for everyday use. Our experts will inspect and repair your truck and make sure that your vehicle always runs nicely

To learn more about our services and capabilities, or to request your quote, please contact us at 330 - 897 - 2700 . We look forward serving your trucks today!

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